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We were pleased to present the following workshops at FSG 2017 (listed alphabetically by presenter):


Genderqueer Dynamics
How can genderqueer people raise energy through polarity? How do resonance and synergy create power? How can our identity affect the magic we work both in and out of ritual? Come discuss these topics and more in a nonbinary approach to interpersonal energy dynamics.

Introduction to Sacred Sexuality
Come discover the breathtakingly diverse world of sacred sexuality. In this overview we’ll discuss the whores of Babylon, the heiros gamos, the Kama Sutra, Wiccan sex magic, and much more. Join us to explore the endless possibilities of sex and spirit.

The Godbothered Sex Life
What happens when spiritual Work and personal relationships mix? Do the Gods ever interfere with your sex? Come share your stories and offer moral support in this guided discussion about how service to the divine affects sex and romance.

Sacred Sex Toys
We Pagans love ritual tools, and sex toys are tons of fun, so why not combine the two? Let’s looks at how the line between toy and tool is already fuzzy, and blur it even more! From intentional dedication to consecration by use, we’ll explore how the objects we use to pleasure our bodies also feed our souls.

Asrik Tashlin

Elemental Primitive Skills Series: Air
Air is all around us but we seldom utilize it to it’s full extent.  In this hands-on class, we’ll talk about what we can learn through the air: bird language, zones of disturbance and awareness, and how to listen with an open ear. After covering these topics we’ll transition into a nature walk where we can practice our newly found aural skills! Limited to 20 people.

Elemental Primitive Skills Series: Fire
Let’s light things on fire! Hands-on class teaching you how to create fire. We’ll learn about bowdrill, hand drill, flint & steel, tinder bundles, then we’ll start fires with a variety of these different methods and materials. Limited to 15 people.

Elemental Primitive Skills Series: Water
When we go camping we rarely think more about water than “where’s the tap” or “how much bottled to bring”. Our ancestors had a very different relationship with water and water purification. In this class we’ll discuss primitive methods of water purification and how to find water in a survival situation.

Elemental Primitive Skills Series: Earth
Becoming “one with the earth” is often bandied about in pagan circles: this workshop will offer participatory lessons of doing so that you might not often think about. We’ll demonstrate how to blend in the the surrounding environment both from a physical, mental, and magical perspective. We’ll use natural materials and game exercises to cover primary and secondary camouflage, concealment magic, and body shaping. Limited to 20 people.

Rewild or Die: Decolonization and Becoming Native to a Place
If you’ve been around pagan fans of ten dollar words you may have heard the term decolonization. I prefer a related term, rewilding, or what it means to be and become indigenous to a place. Many pagans come from families who have only recently arrived on this continent and are only recently coming to grips with what it means to be settlers on the land of others. There are a lot of thorny issues at play here: what does it mean to be “nature-connected” or “land stewards” if your access to land resulted from systemic racism, oppression, or genocide. What does it mean to try to reconstruct ancient, often heavily place-connected, religions in locations where they never existed before. We’ll open up these issues and more for discussion and talk about ways we can all live in a good way as settlers on this land.


Chaos Magick: Dancing With the Universe After Dark
Despite the moniker of ‘chaos’ being applied to this topic, there actually is a fairly organized thought process behind this style. Come and enjoy a discussion about practical spell work that walks between the spaces. Enjoy stories about application, sigilization theory, creating your own entities while understanding your own power. References will come into play using every day objects, color magick and tapping into sources already in existence. Symbols in modern day society can be powerful tools. Why reinvent the wheel when we can merely borrow technology for an afternoon? Here in this school of thought we steal everything that isn’t nailed down and discuss techniques for applying a purposeful lever to those items which are locked shut. We’ll ask questions, make up answers if we have to and in general enjoy an afternoon out in the elements.

Bliss and Lady Marigold

The Fae and all things Faery
Let’s chat and rustle some wings. We will have a discussion group on what we do to define them, honor them and work with them. What do you do? Do you carry iron shot in your pocket because they make your teeth itch? Do you wear glitter and wings so ‘folks’ know? Who is a part of faery to you? Mab, Puck, Titania, the wee ones, elemental sprites and gnomes? Walk into the Other with us as we discuss. Personal understanding is welcome. Please bring your knowledge, whether it be from fiction, personal experience or divine clue by four!

The City Shaman & the Urban Hedge Witch: Magic Where You Are
Ever find yourself in a city, wanting to engage your center but can’t quite break through the concrete barrier? Do you find your own meridians are broken up by too much noise, static and annoying people in suits? Never fear! We will teach you how to weave magic using the backdrop of a modern city to your advantage. With our combined tools of city shamanism and hedge magic, we can show the class ways in which to use what you have around you everyday in a ritual manner. The flora and fauna of our urban or suburban landscapes are rich in guardians and allies. Who are they and how can we join magical forces? Hedge magic, shamanism, plant spirits and technological symbols can all be used in a more modern way. Come to find out how to charge everyday objects for protection, grounding and even doing spell work to infuse magic into your busy life each day.


I’m Lost! Information and Skills for People New to Paganism
Pagan events can be overwhelming, but for those who are new to paganism, they can be doubly so. Come learn and share some basic language concerning different pagan paths, translate some different words that you will hear as you wander around camp, and learn some hands on skills everyone at a festival needs – grounding (to let you focus on our interconnectedness), centering (to help you be aware of where you end and others begin), and shielding (to take in only the energy you want).


Devotional Polytheism 101
Devotional Polytheism is a growing segment of Pagan practice, but it can be challenging to figure out where to start or how to approach it. Let’s take some of the mystery out of it. Polytheism 101 explores polytheism from the ground up: what it is, what makes it different from general Pagan practice, what’s involved with it, how to begin engaging with it, and even how to start establishing your own devotional practice.

Professional Tarot Reading
The step between “reading tarot for self and friends” and “reading tarot professionally” is a big one, and there are a multitude of things to consider before getting started. This workshop explores some of the important issues, including: choosing how to read (in person, over the phone, via email, etc), communication techniques, professional etiquette, timing considerations, pay scales and the ethics of pricing, necessary disclaimers, establishing your “brand”, and much more.

Unusual Divination Techniques
Most of us are familiar with divination involving cards, pendulums, celestial bodies, etc. There are a plethora of other options out there, though, that might even suit us better. Check out this class to get a crash course in other types of divination, including (but not limited to): scrying, candles (burning and wax), dice, books, and even computers!

Connecting with the Tarot
Memorizing card meanings is one thing. Understanding the personalities and stories embodied by each Tarot card, and how those personalities interact with others, is a different thing all together. In this experiential workshop we will stand as figures from the Major Arcana, converse with the Court cards, story-tell through the Minors, and take an insider’s view of the classic Celtic Cross spread.  Note: Please be familiar with Tarot before attending this class – this is not for beginners, and Tarot basics will not be explained.


Lyme Recognition and Prevention
How to recognize Lyme disease and how to prevent it.

Aroma Touch Therapy
A therapy using pure grade essential oils to promote health and well being.

Claire / Luminous

Grief & Loss Circle of Healing
We all have loss in our lives, of many kinds and FSG is no exception when we lose several of our Family of Choice in a short span of time, as has happened (again) this past year. This gathering will focus on the passing beyond the veil of anyone who has been dear to you, including animal companions. It does not matter if the loss is fresh or from decades past. We will be building an altar to honor The Mighty Dead, and send them our love. This can be members of the FSG community (please message me if you would like someone honored from our tribe), Elders who shaped your Path and you admired (Margo Adler, Joseph Campbell, Tolkien perhaps), any family, friends, teachers or non-human creatures who have crossed over. Bring pictures or any mementos you see fit. This is both a remembrance and a chance for healing advice. We will make a Circle and send them intentions. We will have call-outs to those we think of spontaneously. If anyone is having challenges or triggers regarding a loss, we will have time for those, as well. Both Pagan and Mundane support will be discussed. As a Certified Professional Coach and Grief Expert, I can address any challenges you may have had or be having in moving forward, dealing with difficult friends/family or conflicting emotions that may arise. My book on the first week of Grief & Loss will also be available. Loss changes you – and Free Spirit is an excellent occasion to get new tools to help you adjust to those changes. This class may be intense for kids – use your discretion.

Earthbound: Grounding in the Pagan and the Mundane Worlds
If this is your first pagan festival or if life is challenging you right now, this class is a must. Whether you are feeling disconnected, crazed and fearful in life, or just energetically sideways from a ritual at FSG, Grounding is necessary for balance and health.  In Magickal work, and in your mundane life, we all need connection and quiet – stay in the moment, turn down the volume and just BE.  If you are new to Free Spirit or Pagan work, Grounding will help you get the most out of your experience.  Both practical and Magickal, there is something here for everyone.  Open to all levels of experience. Bring a comfy chair, your notebook and an open spirit.

Dana Cote

Neuro Linguistic Programming: Can It Help Me?
This presentation will delve into the subject of Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP), its history over the last 50 years, what our unconscious mind is, how it works and what we can do to augment changes in our thought processes to improve the quality of our lives.  The human brain is a remarkably adaptive organ which has served mankind since Dr Leakey’s “Lucy”.  It is well known that a persons personality becomes fixed as a foundation by the age of five years old.  That personality continues to evolve and become more sophisticated as time marches on.  The study of NLP has  grown over the years to help change old flaws in our personal software and replace them with new one.  This is introductory in nature, broad in its scope and will include exercises that can be used to help with problems as they are detected.


Beginning Frame Drum
Frame drums have been an important part of human development, found throughout most cultures, from antiquity to modern time. Come and explore this amazing history and learn some basic techniques for frame drumming, while seeking to enrich your musical and cultural understanding.

Rhythm Playspace and Gong Garden
There is joyous magic to be discovered through the voices of gongs. Imagine the sound of thirty gongs or more. Now, add noise makers and other percussive creations from all over the world, representing cultures as diverse as the instruments, themselves. Now, you can do much more than imagine, you can play.

Singing Bowls for the Soul: Vibrational Meditation
Bring your singing bowls…Bring a partner and a towel or pad, comfortable to lay on! Covered in this class will be a technique of vibrational massage that is both relaxing and gentle. Only the bowl touches the skin, as vibrations slowly penetrate and relax the muscles beneath, as well as offering other beneficial and wondrously stimulating possibilities.

Dance of the Drum
Drumming is about so much more than playing rhythms, it is also about letting your hands dance on a drum. Having fun and letting go of inhibitions this is what separates the technically skilled musician from a great artist,  the one who can move you in ways you didn’t think possible, because they were having fun and let go their ego. This class will focus on learning how to weave complimentary and odd rhythms together, into a musical whole. ALL DANCERS AND MUSICIANS ARE WELCOME!!! Please bring any instruments you wish to add to the mix.


Medicinal Food Herbs
Our spice cabinets hold some secrets to living healthier lives.  In this workshop, we will discuss the medicinal uses of common food herbs.  Food herbs are ones that have been tested in our kitchens for a long time.  They are generally safe for most people to use for medicinal purposes.  We will discuss the properties of specific herbs used alone and in combinations, as medicine.  Bringing notepaper and writing tools will be helpful.

Spirit Bottles
Spirit bottles are altar items that contain things and are decorated in a manner which can attract the Spirit for whom they are made.  They are called ‘Boutey’ in Vodou and ‘Witch Bottles’ in European witchcraft.  In this workshop, we will discuss the tradition of Spirit bottles in various cultures and use various materials to make the inside and decorate the outside of the bottles.  Feel free to bring materials with you for your Spirit. Limit 15 participants.  $5 materials fee.


Home Brewers Forum
A forum for brewers of all levels, including those new to brewing. We’ll go through a basic walk through of how to set up and prepare mead while leaving the discussion open to everyone to talk about techniques, ideas, recipes. Bring what you brewed, let’s talk, share ideas (and our mead), and let’s build brewing community.

Giani Siri

Can you hear me now? Conflict Resolution Skills
An Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP*) mini-workshop. AVP is an evidence based program used in community settings, schools, offices, and prisons.

Grandmother Elspeth

Journey into Healing
This is a present life regression, a trance journey, deeper than an ordinary guided meditation. In this session you will have opportunity to come to a better understanding of some of the wounds in your past and to heal them. Do not eat just before this. Bring a pillow a mat of blanket to lie on. You do not have to have experience beforehand.

Choices and Changes
Each new choice leads us to an alternate future.  Not choosing is also a choice.  Let’s talk about how, and when, and whether we make our choices.

Grandmother Turtle’s Wisdom Tales
From the beginning of our history, stories have been, not only entertainment, but also teaching and history.  In our degraded times, they have been pushed back into the nursery, thought fit only for children.  Come share this time where STORY is given it’s traditional value.


Poi 101: Introduction to Poi
This class will serve as a base for the rest of the fire spinning classes presented at festival. We will focus on fire safety, fuel choices, spotting practice and technique, construction and care of equipment, as well as some basic spinning technique. If you don’t want to spin, but want to learn how to spot for your neighborhood spinners, this is the class to come to.

Poi 201: Revenge of the Introduction to Poi
This is a continuation of the Introduction to Fire Spinning class. The class will build on the foundation laid in the first class, introducing more intermediate/advanced moves and concepts. Less time will be spent on the basics of poi, but fire safety will still be a top priority. Working with lit poi is a possibility, but will depend on the class attendance and the comfort level of the instructors.

Poi 301: Son of the Revenge of the Intro to Poi
This is a continuation of the Poi series. Less time will be spent on the basics of poi, with more time for the sharing of more complex techniques. Additional poi style skill toys and other performance equipment will be introduced so that people can get a feel for the range of possibilities, including whips, rope darts, etc. Working with lit poi is possible, but will still depend on the class attendance and comfort level of the instructors.

Poi 401: Not Actually Poi! Come Join the Circus!
Come join the circus! Our previous classes focused on getting a solid handle on poi as a flow toy, but this class will broaden everyone’s horizon. Our troupe works with more than poi, and flow arts include anything you can flow with! Staff, hoop, rope dart, bullwhips, and more!

Lady Marigold

Meet the Green Bloods: Plant Spirit Work
Journey through the verdant green wood to engage the green bloods; plants, trees, mycelium, and mosses or lichens. These are our plant allies. Develop a budding relationship to a plant ally or deepen one you are already familiar with through guided sensory meditation and discussion. Savor, feel, smell, visualize and hear your Green Blood’s spirit & essence. Negotiate with the spirit to capture the lessons by sketching or writing about its gift to you. I will have samples of medicinal herbs/roots available and we will walk to an area where we can sit with the flora and fauna (sun or shade). Bring something to sit on (towel or camp chair), something to write with and draw in. I will have a few pencils and notebooks available if you didn’t travel with a journal. Water to drink is a good idea (it is also a nice gift to your plant ally). This class will be rain or shine.

Herbalism the Magical and Mundane
Come explore the use of herbs, spices, and resins in spell work, magical incense making, healing, protection, and banishment. We will touch, taste, feel, and sense the physical and energetic properties of different materials, so come ready to discus and to play! You’ll learn how green blooded allies can aid your work, and create a protection sachet you can take home with you. Please bring a notebook and be ready to participate! All supplies are included with no additional fees, but this class is not recommended for scent-sensitive people.

Lee Harrington

Safer Magical Sex, Magical Safer Sex
How do we as sacred sex explorers protect ourselves energetically and physically during acts and journeys that involve our bodies, will and desire? From masturbation to kink and all manifestations in-between, we will discuss how to use our erotic props (safer sex supplies, sex toys, fetish items, and other gear) for magical shielding, extensions of our astral body, and energetic empowerment. Join us as we discuss body fluids and prana (and how to get our energy to move beyond physical barriers), how to choose what parts of ourselves intermingle with our partners, dedication or cleansing/grounding of our erotic props, energy ethics, sacred spaces, and the why behind some of these interactions. A background in sex magic and energy working is useful to be an active part of the conversation, but is not required for attendance.

Mama Gina

Mama Gina’s Kaballah Soup: Tree Climbing 101
Be ready for a little levity as we pursue a basic understanding of the Kaballah and the cosmic filing cabinet that is the Tree of Life.  Bring pen and notebook if you like, and drop your dogma at the door.

Introduction to the Cube of Space with Mama Gina
One popular theory suggests that it takes about 10,000 hours of study and application to master a subject.  If that is true, then we are masters of our own creations.  Whether consciously or unconsciously, we define, direct, build and destroy our own creations – our own lives – every moment of every day.  What are we creating and how are we doing it?  Are we mindful and aware?  Are we bumbling along and doing what we have always done?  Through study of a creation story, such as the Sepher Yetzirah, and the construct born of that story – The Cube of Space – we can apply the principals learned in a very direct, mindful and practical way to our own creations and to our own lives.  Please bring a notebook, pen, and a comfy chair or cushion, and join Mama Gina as she describes her own journey and study of the Cube of Space, and shares practical application of some of the primary concepts of the Cube to conscious creation.

Mark the Druid

Finding One’s Place in the Universe by Learning the Night Sky
Have you ever looked up at the night sky at various times of the year and notice the stars and constellations look different, and wonder why? Or why certain planets are only visible at certain times of the night? How stars and worlds are born? How our moon was formed, and why she has so many craters? What did that mean Earth’s early history? Get answers to all these questions and more. Deep sky objects, nebulae, galaxies – the universe is a never-ending parade of wonder. This interactive class, though inside and taught on a PowerPoint presentation, will not just prepare you for the two evening viewing sessions on Wednesday and Thursday nights through the telescope at FSG, but can start you on a journey through your lifetime of viewing the heavens with deeper understanding and curiosity.

Astronomy Observing Class with Mark the Druid
Come learn about the heavens as Mark the Druid takes you on a tour from our home, the Earth Mother, out into the depths of the universe. An 8 inch telescope will guide us on our journey. We will have a relatively dark sky, as The Moon will be absent at that time. Even if you have joined us before, every year and every night is different! We will view Jupiter, which will be in the southwestern sky, observing his cloud belts, as well as his four Galilean moons. In the southeast, we will view Saturn, his rings, & some of his larger moons.  As we exit our solar system, we will discuss some of the constellations, and their significance. We will attempt to view some planetary nebulae, which are the ghosts of stars long passed, and look at the Hercules Globular cluster. Finally, we will gaze millions of light years away to view the famous Whirlpool Galaxy. If we are lucky, we may be able to view Comet C/2015 V2 (Johnson) (!) located between Jupiter and Arcturus. With a clear night, who knows what we might find?

Monika Healing Coyote

Psychopomp: Techniques for Healing the Dead
A presentation that discusses historical records of Psychopomp work, including the different deities from each pantheon that have this role (Hermes, Manannan Mac Lir, Coyote, Odin, Freya, Heimdall (to some extent, etc.)). Techniques will be discussed (both historical and modern-experiential), as well as the very real dangers and taboos. Finally, participants will discuss their own work with the Dead, and how incredibly healing and necessary the role of Psychopomp is in our current culture.

Introduction to Shamanism in the Modern Age
A presentation that gives a very general overview of shamanic techniques from different cultures around the world. A comparison of philosophies is given, citing the works of Michael Harner, Mircea Eliade, Sandra Ingerman, and others. The lecture will conclude with a Shamanic Journey, to help participants connect with a Helping Spirit.

Owen Tashlin

An Alternative Look at Fiber Arts and Magic
Anyone familiar with fiber arts and magic has likely considered the relative merits of silk, wool, cotton and other natural materials for their efficacy in spell work. But how often have we dismissed artificial materials as unnatural and hence automatically unsuited to our needs? During this workshop we will discuss modern and synthetic materials that may be used in addition to the more traditional fibers we’re familiar with. We will look at ways to substitute more readily available “unnatural” options for their more expensive or hard to find natural counterparts, as well as ways that we can take advantage of the unique magical properties of artificial materials in energy and spell work. Bring an open mind and your knitting, crochet, quilting, or whatever else you can lug in to play with and we can all compare notes together!

Crafting Diviners Meetup
Come hang out to talk crafting divining tools and show off your favorites! As makers and diviners we often find ourselves tempted or required to make our own tools; be it because you wanted to paint your own Tarot deck, or because you practice an obscure form of knuckle bone divination not readily available anymore. We will be talking sources, materials, divination and anything else that comes up when you get a bunch of creative and at least semi motivated people into the same space at the same time, so come hang out and see what we’ve all cooked up!


The Old Religion
How much do we know about the oldest indigenous religions?  We have bits of facts and pieces of hints.  Do we recognize any of our Gods in a religious practice a hundred thousand years old?  Can this bring insights to our own Pagan practice today?  Should it? Pine will survey what we know from non-human beings, from the lineage of human species, and the sequence of cultures, ending with the (in this context, very recent) Celts.  Supplement with your own intuition and interests.

Scott Mohnkern

Nine Noble Virtues
In 1973  the heathen organization, the Odin Right, worked to summarize heathen ethics as a series of values called the Nine Noble Virtues.  These nine one word concepts are an effort to condense the philosophies that are contained within thousands of pages of very complex literature.   Join us as we sit down and discuss these virtues and how they can guide us in our pagan path.

Introduction to Bind Runes
Normally, when people talk about runes, they think of casting the runes in order to get a view into the potential future. The image of the Volva (seeress) sitting in a dark cave with a fire, throwing down the runes, and telling a young adventurer whether his next quest will be profitable (or even survivable), carries with us, even into today.  However, when the Vikings were at their height, the use of runes in magic didn’t reach just to the concept of divination. In fact, there are very few references to “runic divination” in historical literature. In this class Here we’re going to talk about “Active” magic in the Northern European Traditions by using bind runes.   We’ll discuss ethics, bind rune construction, and how we can use them in our modern magickal practice.


Crafting Sacred Food and Drink
Throughout history, various religions and cultures have utilized and often been associated with sacred beverages. Christians use sacred bread & wine in their Eucharist ceremony, Heathens use mead in Blóts, and sportsball fans have meat & beer. The main use of sacred food and drink is to establish or reinforce a connection. Whether as offerings to deities/spirits or social/community bonding, we often feel closer when the sacred food and drink are present. This workshop will discuss how to approach the many aspects of creating of sacred food and drink. Topics include: Uses and Purposes – Choosing ingredients – Awakening/Infusing sacredness – Aligning with and Utilizing symbol sets for increased effectiveness – Aesthetics. While Sacred Sangria as an example will be present and available to enjoy, it is not required. Come and share your stories, samples, and experiences with the group and let us bond over the simple joys of life – good food, good drink, and good company.

Sundance Metelsky

Working with the Spirits of Weather
The Weather is a constant feature of our lives — something that engages with us every day (whether we like it or not!) — and yet something that is often overlooked and ignored, or worse, disparaged. In this workshop, we are invited to begin a connection and dialog with the Spirits of Weather, reaching out our consciousness to engage with the consciousness of the Weather Spirits in an I-Thou relationship. We will listen, sing, share, and dance with the Spirits of Weather and each other.

12 Step Support Meeting
An open discussion meeting for people in (or interested in) 12 Step programs, including AA, Al-Anon, OA, ACA, SLAA, GA, etc. We will share our experience, strength, and hope with each other that we may solve our common problem and help others to recover. Festivals can stir up a lot of feelings and memories — excitement, passion, joy, fear, anger, temptation — and the meeting provides support for each of us as we experience such feelings. Whether you’re new to the fellowship or an old timer, please join us.

Thista Minai

A Pagan Primer on Sacred Kink
What is kink, and how can it be sacred? How is sacred kink both similar to and different from sacred sex? How can sacred kink contribute to and enhance a Pagan lifestyle? We’ll examine potential answers to each of these questions in this Pagan’s introduction to sacred kink. This workshop will be equal parts class and discussion, so whether you’re ‘curious about’, ‘into’, or ‘live it 24/7’, come share your ideas and experiences. Join us to explore the beautifully diverse and magically empowering world of sacred kink.

Making Friends With Vampires
Discover how you can interact with psychic vampires in a way that is healthy and nourishing for everyone involved. We’ll briefly cover standard grounding and warding techniques, then go beyond personal protection and learn how to turn a draining dynamic around. Join us to find out how you can make an antagonist into an ally.

Thorn and Thista

Archery as Devotional Practice
The bow and arrow is one of humankind’s oldest weapons, developing throughout the world and giving rise to myriad traditions from hunting to warfare to spiritual practice.  Many of the gods and spirits popular in contemporary Pagan communities hold archery to be sacred, and taking up the art may aid us in connecting with them.  Come join us to discuss the role that archery can play in the worship of some of these deities and how to develop a personal meditative practice through archery, then let us teach you to shoot!


Fused Glass
Make your own amulet, pendant, altar piece, or other jewelry out of fused glass- you can add dichroic  elements, silver or copper to your piece.  Materials cost is $20.00 per pendant.  See for examples. You must return to class later to pick up your piece(s).  Children welcome to attend with parent.

Traveling Tim

So you want to coordinate a festival?
You come to the festival and think “Wow, I’d like to do that.” but don’t know how.  This workshop begins with s description of the coordinators duties, details of the planning and pitfalls of running an event, and will be followed by a question and answer session.  Learn what it takes to make a festival happen before, during and after the event.


Heathenry: Beyond Asatru, Paths in the Northern Tradition
The Heathen Umbrella encompasses a variety of different religious traditions, of which Asatru is the most well know and driving force behind popular perceptions of the Northern Gods and Tradition. In this class we will have an overview of some other paths and practices which fall under the Heathen Umbrella, such as Rokkatru, Wainscraft, Northern Tradition Paganism and more.

Jotuns in the Northern Tradition: An Introduction
Jotuns, aka Etins, Giants and Trolls are a race of beings that make up the beings of the Northern Tradition along with the Alfs, Aesir, Vanir, dwarves and other wights of the Nine Worlds. They were the first beings in the universe, and both gods and mortals alike sought them out for their knowledge. To some, they are the sworn enemies of the Gods and never to be dealt with under any circumstances, lest we hasten Ragnarok. To some of our heathen ancestors, they were friends and neighbors, and for some of us today, they are beloved Gods and allies.   In this discussion we will cover the who, what and why of the Jotnar.


Spinning Myths and Magic
Rumplestiltskin spun straw into gold. The three Fates spin, measure and cut the threads of our lives. Sleeping beauty stuck her finger on a spindle and fell into a magical slumber. What is all this spinning about? How do we do it and what can we use it for? We’ll talk about spinning myths, spinning fairytales and spinning Goddesses, learn how to spin and talk a bit about some magical uses for spinning.

Wintersong Tashlin

Working With Ancestors of Spirit
This workshop is about honoring and working those ancestors who are connected to us through spirit rather than blood or heritage. These can be ancestors with whom you share a spiritual path, a common purpose, who are honored by traditions you belong to, or even people who played powerful roles in your life but aren’t part of your biological or familial background. We’ll look at how we seek out and recognize these ancestors, ways we may honor them, and the role ancestors of spirit can play in our greater spiritual lives and work.

Energy Magic Design and Construction
Energy magic is at its most effective when approached in a systematic way, with care and focus being given to every individual element that comes together to create a complete construct. We’ll explore the process of designing energy work for various purposes, examine different means of bringing energy magic into the world, look at ways to tweak or rebuild constructs, and consider how magic will eventually breakdown.

Magic with the Modern World
Our modern lives are deeply interwoven with the post-Industrial Revolution world we live in, which is why this workshop is all about ways to integrate the mechanical and technological things that make the modern world possible with our magic and practices. Covering topics such as the magical properties of thermoplastics, using elemental magic in conjunction with an automobile engine, and understanding how the methods of manufacturing and shipping of objects you interact everyday can make your magic more effective and efficient, this class will expand our magical toolboxes in every sense of the word.

Wintersong Tashlin and Thorn Mooney

Unpacking Pagan Privilege
Self-examination is never easy, whether for an individual, community, or broad demographic. Yet our spiritual and magical teachers tell us that self-examination is essential for growth. It is in that spirit that Thorn and Wintersong take us on an at-times uncomfortable, but vital look at how assumptions and issues of class, race, gender, and disability weave themselves through, and have helped shape, the modern Pagan and Wiccan demographic. While particularly useful for Pagans interested in running groups, this workshop is sure to challenge anyone invested in building a more inclusive community.