These are the presenters we were privileged to have offer classes and workshops at FSG 2017.  If you would like to present a class or workshop at FSG 2018, please send an email to Please put “workshop” in the subject.

Arkcane is a spiritworker and kink educator. He has presented workshops for Camp Crucible and many Dark Odyssey events. He specializes in sacred sexuality, ordeal, polyamory, intimacy, vulnerability, connection, and, above all, snark.

Asrik Tashlin
Asrik is an eclectic pagan polytheist with strong animist tendencies. He has been practicing for 15 years with several different groups including Clan Tashlin and The First Pagan Church of Asphodel. He has a masters degree in Whole Systems Design and is a graduate of the Anake Outdoor School. Professionally he works in social justice and environmental education. Feel free to come up and ask about in animism, survival skills, nature-connected theology, and sacred games.

Bliss is an unusual creature. Crafted from an environment near Detroit Michigan 40 years ago, he has lived through many strange adventures and dangerous tales of fancy. Often called ‘dapper’, he has explored many areas of magic and mystery. Including the ones he made up at the direction of Eris. Studying ceremonial magic, chaos magick, eristolean passages of time, parlor tricks, trans-possession, wicca, gnosticism and whatever else seemed interesting at the time, his background is quite colorful. A natural exorcist, he specializes in making really weird things go away. Quickly. Shielding, invisibility, dancing through tight spaces, all of this and more is his to command. Occasionally told that he is the Prince of Darkness, Bliss knows that is silly for everyone already understands that is Ozzy Osborne. Often can be found randomly associating reality through the lens of poetry and Industrial music. Over 20 years of study in various arts, a long time Priest of Bluestar Wicca. Ordained Clergy and also teacher. Yet there is always a price…

A devout atheist for 20 years, Butterfly realized in 2013 that the world was so much more that science could easily label… and that she had been feeding an altar for years. Having been gifted knowledge by others as she began her journey on this path, Butterfly believes in gifting forward so that others can receive what her own teachers gave her.  She still considers herself new, no matter how many events she has had the opportunity to attend.

Caer is a polytheist, diviner/reader, blogger, and teacher with almost twenty years of experience conducting classes and rituals around the country. Her work centers around facilitating connections between people and the Powers. Primary focus areas include approaching divination with a modern perspective, making polytheism more accessible, sacred sexuality, rites of passage, and living a simpler and more ecologically responsible lifestyle. She is the voice behind Mystik Nomad ( and can be reached at

Christina Murphy is a Mom, Grand Mom, dog lover and recuperating Lyme patient who became a certified Health Coach through The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She studied over 100 dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques, and innovative coaching methods with some of the world’s top health and wellness experts. She is a published author of “Embracing Healing:  A Slow Down Thirty Day Practice” and works, loves and lives in the Frederick MD area. She does Lyme Education in the Pagan, LGBTQ Communities and has done so since 2013.

Claire / Luminous 
Claire / Luminous – Still just me…. Witch, Geek, Freak, Reiki Master Teacher, Priestess, Minister, Counselor, Coach, Healer, Author, Cook, Performer, Dreamer, Builder, Druid’s Wife, Cat Mommy, Detroit and Jersey, Music and Mayhem, Above and Below.  Blessed Be.

Dana Cote
Dana is a survivor of a successful 35 year career in Aerospace Engineering who always tried to develop some Right brained sensitivity.   He is Certified Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming,  Mental and Emotional Therapy and Hypnotherapy.  He has also achieved Second level status in Reiki Energy Therapy.

Emyrs is Professional Percussionist who has been on this Spiritual Path for over 25 years  Traveling internationally to learn the philosophy of Rhythm from many cultures. He has been a Rhythm maker,guide and teacher at events such as Dark Odyssey (, Summer Camp,Summerfest, Fusion), Fet Fest, The Beltane, Fires of Venus, Pensic,Sirus Rising,Starwood, Playa Del Fuego,Pexfest, Maryland and New York Faerie fest, and performed with the Band Karpathos at the New York Rennsicane fair  (to name a few). Emyrs  is also Long time member of the Primal Arts Tribe who Facilitate Ritual events and Spiritual awakeness to everyone.

Firesong (Eshu Akoni) is a priestess and Pathway initiate at the Universal Temple of Spirits, a Global Spirits pluralistic trance possession temple.  Called the “human iPod”, she is a traditional song mistress as well and a professional teacher, artist and an herbalist.  Her garden is one of the most diverse gardens in the U.S. Firesong conducts chant sessions, Global Spirits services, women’s rituals, directs The Voices of the Seasons and pours for the Starry Night Sweat Circle.  She has recorded several teaching CDs of traditional chants and is the author of Global Spirits: Philosophies and Practices.

I have been a home brewer/mead maker for 8 years and I’m currently pursuing my certification in Enology/Viticulture studies at Harrisburg Area Community College. While attending festival for 11 years, I have geared my to life studying demonology, Kabbalah, and Alchemy. Demonology has been a calling that I have been pursuing for the past ten years. In that time I have researched, investigated, and studied demons. I have also collaborated with other demonologists, and both assisted and performed cleansings, blessings, banishments, and exorcisms on establishments. Talk to me about brewing, talk to me about demons, or talk about anything.

Giani Siri
My father was a fundamentalist atheist – “There is no God and you better get used to it.” It didn’t take. All children are born little Pagan pantheists. Of course everything is alive and aware. We talk to our toys. Our blankets and comfort plushies keep us safe. We have invisible friends. We use magical thinking. Of course I should ask a tree’s permission before I climb it. When you don’t send children to Sunday school to preach all the pagan pantheist understanding of the world out of us, you get me. I was raised in a house where I was surrounded by classical music and opera, science fiction, great big coffee table books of mythology, art, anthropology and archaeology.  My spiritual guidance is music, all of western literature that made its way into opera, books, books, books, and Star Trek. I improvise. You come too.

Grandmother Elspeth
Nybor and I have been part of FSG since the beginning and attended every gathering for many years. Among the teachings we offered was Family Circle, a late night healing and teaching ritual.  Nybor no longer travels but I am still out there as The Crone on the Road.  My classes/workshops primarily deal with personal growth and development.  The Meta message is  “Wake up! Take charge of your life!”  At 87 years I am aware of the rapid passing of time… however, with only 16 years left to be available, I welcome each opportunity. Among my published works are “The Challenge”, a dream-sent poem and “Gylantra’s Journey”, a Nybor illustrated/Elspeth written grown-up storybook.  I have created two spoken word CDs: “Gylantra’s Legacy”, an audio version of the book and “Out of the Forest”,  a series of trance journeys. Visit my Merchant Booth to experience Nybor’s magical art and my various works.  I am also available by appointment for Tarot Consultations with the guidance of the Nybor Tarot Deck.

Hugh has been a Pagan for more than thirty years; he was at the very first Free Spirit Gathering and has attended almost every one since. He is an eclectic Polytheist and member of the Universal Temple of Spirits, a celebratory and devotional group working in the Global Spirits trance-possessory tradition.  He has been awarded a Certificate of Continuing Education (with a concentration in Text, Tradition and Interpretation) from Cherry Hill Seminary.  He writes poetry, reviews books for Witches and Pagans magazine, and reads a lot.

HVBRIS is a fun-loving, licentious, and geeky band of fire freaks who seek to entertain and amuse with wickedly creative antics. They will be thrilled to introduce you to the wonder of the Fire Arts, just ask them! A mix of fire, vaudeville, burlesque, and sideshow; they burn bright as day with the fiery talent and blazing comedy that is the one and only HVBRIS. When it’s too hot to handle, they’re just getting started

Lady Marigold
Herbalist & owner of Hocus Pocus Potions, the creation center where her magic comes to life. In her Apothecary she brews such treasures as: tinctures, teas, flower essences, aromatherapy blends, syrups, salves, elixirs and personal care products including Red’s Beard Oils. Her holistic approach includes nutrition & food witchery. Angie graduated in 2013 with an AS in Western Herbal Medicine from MCTC. Teachers included Mathew Wood and Paul Red Elk. Western Herbalism has a focus on the native plants and trees of Europe & the Americas and their use in healing. Where herbalism meets witchcraft: hedge & hearth witch, spirit worker and natural medium, Lady Marigold is a 3rd degree High Priestess of Blue Star Wicca with her working partner Bliss/Steve. They both have been practicing Blue Star since 1998 along with their son, Arden. They were ordained in 2005 as clergy.

Lee Harrington
Lee Harrington is an eclectic artist, spiritual and erotic educator, gender explorer, and award winning author and editor on human sexuality and spiritual experience. Serving as a spiritual guide, Lee’s eclectic paganism is heavily rooted in his upbringing as the daughter of an Irish Catholic and a Goddess Worshiping Lutheran, various forms of Street Magic, Feri, Ceremonial Magick, and other paths inform his Work. He has been part of CUUPs (Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans), GoddesSMack (a pagan dyke SM circle in Portland, OR), serves as a Priest for Temple of Atonement, the Dark Odyssey Tribe, and actively incorporates bondage and other forms of BDSM and fiber magic into his spirit work in service to the goddess Bear and oracular working in honor of the Star Goddess. His books include “Sacred Kink: The Eightfold Paths of BDSM and Beyond,” “On Starry Thighs: Sacred and Sensual Poetry,” “Traversing Gender: Understanding Transgender Realities,” and his writings and photography have appeared in numerous other publications, such as “Dark Moon Rising: Pagan BDSM and the Ordeal Path.” Check out the trouble Lee has been getting into, as well as his regular podcast, tour schedule, free essays, videos and more over at

Mama Gina
Mama Gina travels the country sharin’ her Muse, slingin’ her 12 string acoustic, bangin’ her drums, and singin’ of the Divine and human nature.  She’s making room on stage these days for her alter-ego Nine Toes the Bard who will make you laugh, cry, and laugh some more.  She once wrote a book about Tarot – Tarot Spreads, Threads & Mandalas – and in her spare time, she loves to wax poetic about Tarot, Kaballah, Magick and Music.

Mark the Druid
Mark the Druid has been a practicing pagan since 1996, with a background in Celtic, Wicca and Norse traditions. He has also been a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates, & Druids since 2004. His professional background is in the Geosciences at New Jersey City University. He is also president of North Jersey Astronomical Group conducting public astronomy outreach, and also contributes his work to David Levy’s Sharing the Sky Foundation.

Monika Healing Coyote
Monika Healing Coyote is a shamanic healer located in Maryland. She was a member of Ár nDríaocht Féin, A Druid Fellowship for over 9 years, and worked within their Healer’s Guild for 3 years. She received her Master’s degree in Psychology in 2005, and has worked in the field of mental health for over 15 years. Monika has extensive spiritual training, including her Teacher Level certification in Reiki, Sandra Ingerman’s Medicine for the Earth, and Soul Retrieval. She currently teaches both Beginning and Advanced Shamanic Journey classes in the Central Maryland area. Monika works hard to combine her training in both psychology & shamanism for her clients, and loves to talk with others about Joyful practices!

Owen Tashlin
Owen Tashlin has been practicing magic and teaching for what feels like a very long time now. He is versed in many fiber based crafts, but has a particular love for knitting and loom weaving. His art has been featured in tarot and is the cover art for this year’s festival, and he is always looking to explore new mediums and techniques. Learning and teaching are always where Owen is happiest and he looks forward to this year’s festivities!

Pagan and interested for a lifetime in what this Universe teaches us about living in it, past presenter at FSG since the 1990s.

SkyWolf is a wandering Wolf shaman in search of answers, especially to the question “How can we dream a better dream?” After wandering 15 years in varied alternative communities, he found that the path of Primal Shamanic Spirit Hacker was waiting for him all along. Usually found sharing his famous sacred sangria, he lives to teach, guide, and promote healing to empower others to live passionately.  While proficient in multiple skills and tools, he specializes in shamanic healing especially dealing with trauma, spiritual explorations, and connecting with primal energy. Outside of presenting at events or groups, he leads “Wolven Dreams, Academy of Shamanic Arts & Sciences”, teaching a unique approach to shamanic technology that enables anyone to learn and become effective. His personal heroes are Jim Henson, Batman, and Spiderman. As a child, he was raised on Addams Family, Marx Brothers, George Carlin, and Monty Python and now has enough issues for a subscription or two. Drawing upon his many years of IT security (CEH, CISSP), gaming, and fencing, he has a unique way of thinking and presenting. Whether he makes sense, speaks madness, or both is entirely up to you.

Scott Mohnkern
Scott Mohnkern discovered his draw to the heathen path over 20 years ago at Free Spirit Gathering.   He was a practicing solitary, and then began teaching basic heathen classes and performing rituals. In the last 20 years he has formed the working group Journeys Rest, written several books, including A Year of Viking Ritual, and Hanging From The Tree: Living With the Runes.  He has taught at several pagan conferences and festivals in the mid Atlantic, and is currently studying Seidr with Laurel Mendes and is working on his next book, Ancient Values for a Modern Age.  He also runs a web site At Free Spirit you can normally find him at his booth in Merchant’s Row, or sitting in front of his cabin socializing.

Sundance Metelsky
Sundance Metelsky is an existential shamanic mystic who has been walking the shamanic path since 1992. She has studied with Rena Yount, Tom Cowan, Dana Robinson, Adam Davis, Mary Tyrtle Rooker, and others. She has been a member of a weather shamanism apprenticeship program led by Nan Moss since 2013. She is also a member of the Universal Temple of Spirits (trance possession), the Sacred Women’s Circle (eclectic), and the Jungian Society of Washington.

Thista Minai
Thista Minai is a Priestess of Artemis, polytheist, spiritworker, ordeal facilitator, Third Degree High Priestess in the Blue Star Tradition of Wicca, Tashrisketlin Master Ritualist, and founder of Spectrum Gate Mysteries. She has more than fifteen years of experience with designing and conducting rituals, performing various types of energy work, and teaching workshops on a wide variety of spiritual topics. Thista applies the knowledge gained from her master’s degree in education to developing better curriculum and support structures for students of modern Paganism and spirituality. Learn more about Thista at

Thorn Mooney
Thorn Mooney is a Gardnerian priestess and covenleader operating in Charlotte, North Carolina. She writes about traditional forms of witchcraft and Wicca for Patheos Pagan and Llewelyn Worldwide. Look for her first book in 2018.  In the meantime, find her at

Tina Van Pelt has been teaching fused glass at FSG since 2005.  She lives in Greenbelt MD at her home studio.

Traveling Tim
This is Tim’s 20th year on FSG staff, 23rd year attending, and fourth year as Coordinator.  When not at Gathering, Tim does project management and teaches Self Defense.

Volva, Gythia, Daughter of Angrboda, Polytheist based out of Philadelphia, PA

Vinnie is way too curious, has far too many interests and entirely too many piles of unfinished projects. She has been a Pagan since her early teens and lives in Central Massachusetts with her partner, a variable number of cats and an even more variable number of rabbits.

Wintersong Tashlin
Wintersong Tashlin ( is a shaman, magician, educator, and activist who runs rituals and teaches classes on topics such as magic, spirituality, alternative sexuality, and relationships. His ritual work largely focuses on rites of personal transformation and ordeal; while his magical work is focused on a systematic approach to the interactions between people and the energies around us. As a shaman and spirit worker, Winter works with the wandering Dead, along with a diverse range of gods and sprits; offers divination service; and facilitates rituals for both individuals and communities on his own and with Clan Tashlin/Tashrisketlin, of which he is one of the founders. Wintersong has presented workshops and/or run ritual at events throughout the northeast and across the USA. He is past dean of the College of Brigantia, a pagan adult education program in central Massachusetts, and his writing and photography has been featured in NewWitch Magazine, HUGGIN, and books by leading pagan authors.